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The Dirty Lowdown on Germs

Who likes germs? No one—especially you and your neighbors! And don’t forget about employees and visitors to indoor public places such as health clubs, stores, nursing homes, hospitals, schools, medical offices and churches.

That’s why it’s imperative for residential and commercial locations to have BinFresh sterilize the interiors and exteriors of their outdoor trash cans. Bin Fresh uses a powerful mix of pressurized water and environmentally friendly cleansing products to power away 99.9 percent of the germs that are living the high life in filthy trash bins.

Even though most folks know the truth, they don’t like to think about the persistent and pervasive presence of germs—especially in their own garbage bins! Here are some hard facts.

There are four types of germs:

Viruses: These teeny capsules with genetic material raid your cells and breed, which can destroy, damage or change the cells and eventually make you sick. You can thank a virus for giving you a common cold.

Fungi: They present themselves as mold, mildew and yeasts. The widespread malady athlete’s foot starts with fungi, which makes people shy away from using the locker rooms and showers at health clubs.

Parasites: These animals or plants live on or in other living beings. A parasite causes the deadly malaria.

Bacteria: They are microscopic organisms that flourish in many types of environments and live in groups of millions. The human body is full of bacteria, but some of them are dangerous. Some can lead to immeasurable diseases in humans. Some of the well-known diseases are typhoid, tuberculosis, bubonic plague, pneumonia, dysentery, diphtheria and cholera.

All of those germs are eagerly waiting for you unless you have BinFresh blast them away. BinFresh guarantees customer satisfaction, and it doesn’t require contracts or commitments. There are numerous affordable plans from which to choose. Contact BinFresh at 615-977-9274 or You can also fill in the Get in Touch form on this website. And follow us on Facebook and Instagram!

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