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Washing Is Your Best Weapon Against Outside Elements

Your house is probably your biggest financial investment, which is why it’s imperative to maintain that investment. The exterior of your home is more susceptible to damage than its interior, and Mother Nature is its biggest enemy.

But know that Bin Fresh is her most formidable foe. We always wins in its fight against her mold, algae, mildew, moss, lichens, bacteria, “mystery stains” and fungi. Our washing removes and kills them.

Keeping your garbages clean and functional lets them function as intended. When garbages are clogged with mold and debris, water doesn’t flow away from the area. This can lead to saturation and potentially damage their structural integrity.

Water running down your siding can seep into your walls, can weaken your foundation. With a little preventative treatment from Bin Fresh you can potentially save yourself a ton of problems, from damaged door trimmings to a leaky basement.

When Bin Fresh washes your garbages, it may help you identify and get ahead of maintenance issues before they become big problems. Cleaning away the dirt and debris lets you see if your home if your garbage is at risk for a leak. It’s especially good for identifying weak or side and bottoms. Power washing also lets you notice loose, cracked or missing siding. A hard winter or rainy season may have caused minor damage that should be addressed now rather than later. Fixing issues that may be uncovered during a pressure wash can help maintain your home’s exterior integrity and prevent more structural damage.

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