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Cleaning Your Garbage Bin

It’s no surprise the garbage bins are breeding grounds for bacteria; E-coli, Salmonella and Listeria all thrive in the warm, dark recesses of your trash. Research estimates that approximately 400 bacteria per square inch live and breed in the average home trash bin, so you can imagine what’s going on in larger commercial dumpsters! We may ignore the necessity of cleaning our bins, especially those that are outside the home, but sanitizing your bins has numerous benefits for your health, home and safety. Aside from keeping out bugs and wild animals, eliminating odors and improving your curb appeal, clean bins mean less worry about germs when handling your trash.

Bin Fresh provides environmentally friendly bin sanitizing solutions to kill bacteria and fungi growing in your garbage cans. We also offer tips to help you maintain optimal standards of hygiene for your garbage bins between scheduled cleanings. To ensure your bins stay germ free:

1) Use a lidded bin to prevent animals from digging in and scattering trash everywhere.

2) Use trash bags that are the right height and thickness enough to avoid tearing and leakage.

3) Prevent odor buildup by lining the bottom of your trash bin with dryer sheets or sprinkling some baking soda or kitty litter.

4)Don’t forget trash day! Letting waste buildup guarantees your bins will get gross fast.

5) Drilling some holes at the bottom of your bin can help prevent the accumulation of dreaded garbage-water.

Cleaning your bins regularly is the best way to keep away germs and odors, and our team at Bin Fresh is here to get the job done!

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