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Summer heat = more disgusting trash bins = more flies and other insects!

While keeping your trash bins clean all year long keeps bacteria, fungus, viruses, mold and mildew away, it is worse in the hotter temperatures. The smell brings flies which ends up with maggots in your trash bins which leads to more flies! They not only fly around the trash bins, but they also enter your yard and house. Everyone hates having to deal with flies all around and by keeping your trash bins clean and smelling good regularly the flies won’t be attracted. BinFresh will sterilize and deodorize your trash bins and you will see what a difference it makes! It’s a very low cost to stop the pests and the dread of opening your trash bin lid! Sign up now at and see how happy you will be! No long term contracts to get locked into. Many plans to choose from and First cleaning is FREE when you choose a monthly plan.

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