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This service is just what I needed. I had the worst odor coming from my trash bin. It was like something had died. The trash had been emptied and it still smelled. I poured in some hot water and bleach and left it. Then I tossed in my trash bags and waited for the truck to dump the whole thing. Big mistake! Thru a comedy of errors the whole mess ended up spilling all over the street. I lost it!! I went to get a broom and lo and behold the nicest young man drove up in a pretty truck that said BIN FRESH. He noticed I was having trouble and showed me how he could help me. "The Lord works in mysterious ways." Charlie Packard and his sweet wife, Laura, have begun a new service. They cleaned, sanitized and left my trash bin smelling like an orange orchard. This 78 year old woman signed up to have them come once a month to do it again! Best idea since sliced bread!!!


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